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10 inventions to fight your biggest fashion problems

  • These 10 gadgets can fix all your fashion problems.
  • From thigh garters to heel protectors, there's a product that can help with some of your biggest clothing struggles.
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The 10 products include:

  1. Bandelettes thigh garters, $17
  2. Dry Steppers shoe covers, $20
  3. Gloryfy Unbreakable glasses, $163
  4. FYB London SMART Handbag
  5. GENA convertible pumps, $123
  6. Ta-Ta Towl, $45
  7. Vardama stain repellent shirt, $95
  8. StiloGuard heel protectors, $9
  9. NV Holders shirt suspenders, $40
  10. PYSIS Over-The-Heel Rain Boots, $119

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