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10 of the best sodas from around the world

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  • Carbonated beverages are popular in many parts of the world.
  • In South Korea, you can get a carbonated milk beverage called Milkis and it comes in multiple flavors, such as peach.
  • Fanta is a fruity soda that's popular in many countries and it comes in a lot of different flavors, like orange and strawberry.
  • Ramune is a popular soda brand that can be found in Japan.

With its refreshing carbonation and sweet taste, soda is quite popular in many parts of the world. And even though a lot of people have a favorite type of soda already, trying some different beverages from around the globe might lead to some tasty new discoveries.

From Scotland's iconic Irn-Bru to Sweden's festive Julmust, here are 10 carbonated drinks that are popular in different places around the world.

In Japan, you can find Ramune's flavored sodas.


In Japan, Ramune is known for its special packaging and unique selection of flavors.

According to Japan Info, the classic Ramune flavor is lemon-lime. The carbonated drink also comes in other unique flavors including curry, wasabi, strawberry, chocolate, chili oil, and banana.

The soda is well-known for its unique bottle that can be tricky but fun for first-time drinkers to open. To open the soda, you remove the cap, pop out the bottle's plunger, and use the palm of your hand to push down the marble stopper that's inside of the bottle. The marble is used to "hold the carbonation" in order to help keep the beverage fizzy, according to Ikidane Nippon. The bottle's design has given the Ramune soda the nickname "marble soda."

Thums Up is beloved by many soda-drinkers in India.

Flickr/Satish Krishnamurthy/CC BY 2.0

Coca-Cola withdrew from India in 1977 when the Indian Supreme Court demanded that the soda company reveal the secret recipe for its most popular soft drink so that the court could investigate claims that the beverage contained pesticides, according to The New York Times. During that time, both Pepsi and Coca-Cola had been trying to prove their sodas were safe to consume after an environmental group's report alleged that the brands' soft drinks contained high levels of pesticides.

In its place, Thums Up came on the scene in the early 1980s. It was created by Ramesh Chauhan as an alternative to Coca-Cola after the soda brand withdrew from India, according to Serious Eats.

By 1993, the Coca-Cola brand had made its official return to India and the company acquired Thums Up.

Unlike classic Coca-Cola, which uses high fructose corn syrup as a sweetener, the "spicy" Thums Up drink uses real sugar.

Goombay Punch can be found in the Bahamas.

Wikimedia Commons/The Neon Narwhal [CC BY-SA 4.0]

Tasting of pineapple and lemon, this bright-yellow soda is popular in the Bahamas, where it is made and canned.

Although it's unclear where exactly the soft drink's name comes from, a "goombay" is a type of drum and it is also a type of calypso music associated with that drum. Like Goombay Punch, the goombay style of music is known to have roots in the Bahamas.

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