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7 myths about being a bartender that aren’t true

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  • Bartenders aren't always chatty people who love to drink alcohol.
  • Most of the time, bartenders want you to get a drink you enjoy and won't be bothered if you ask for modifications on a cocktail.
  • Bartending can be a profitable career and one must go through a lot of training to become a bartender.
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On TV and in movies, bartenders are oftentimes depicted as chatty people who are like family to their patrons or as aspiring actors who are just slinging drinks until they make their big break. But these glamorized and dramatized portrayals of bartenders have led to a lot of misconceptions about the profession.

To debunk some common myths about being a bartender, INSIDER spoke to a group of bartenders and drink experts.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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