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70% of people can’t solve this brainteaser in under 3 minutes. How long does it take you to spot the eggplant in this photo?

Sandals branteaserCourtesy of Galabingo

  • GalaBingo created a summer-themed brainteaser, challenging people to find the eggplant hidden amongst a picture of sandals.
  • Only 70% of people can find the eggplant in under three minutes, while four out of ten people give up before ever solving the puzzle.
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Sandals are an essential part of every summer outfit, but there's one shoe in this brainteaser that doesn't seem to fit., an online bingo site, challenged users to find the rogue eggplant in a picture of flip-flops. But only 70% of people are able to solve the tricky brainteaser in under three minutes. In fact, four out of ten people gave up completely.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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