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A 25-year-old woman was shot and killed as she was driving home from work, and now police are looking into whether a person hunting illegally in the area is to blame

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  • Micalla Rettinger, 25, was driving home from the bar where she works in Iowa early Sunday morning when she was shot and killed.
  • Authorities say there's nothing to suggest Rettinger was targeted, and that they are exploring the possibility that a person who was illegally hunting accidentally shot the former college softball player.
  • Rettinger's boyfriend was also injured by the same bullet, but has since been discharged from the hospital.
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A 25-year-old woman was shot and killed while driving home from the bar where she worked in Cedar Falls, Iowa early Sunday morning.

Micalla Rettinger was driving her boyfriend, Adam Kimball, and one other person around 2:30 a.m. when a gunshot shattered the driver's side window, hitting Rettinger in the neck and then continuing on to strike her boyfriend in the passenger's seat.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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