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All Flights From US to Venezuela Suspended

The Department of Homeland Security announced Wednesday that flights between Venezuela and the United States have been suspended due to safety and security concerns.

According to, Homeland Security officials said the decision was based on “ongoing political instability and increased tensions in Venezuela and associated inadvertent risk to flight operations.”

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The suspension will be revisited when the conditions in Venezuela change.

American Airlines was the last U.S. carrier serving Venezuela until it suspended flights in March, but the suspension now includes commercial and cargo flights. Venezuela continues to face political turmoil as socialist president Nicolas Maduro battles National Assembly President Juan Guaido for control of the nation.

Citizens caught in the middle have been enduring an economic crisis, sky-high inflation and shortages of food and medicine. The U.S. has aid waiting in Colombia, but Maduro has not agreed to let help inside the country.

The U.S. withdrew all remaining diplomatic personnel from the embassy in March.

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