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Another dog has died after being exposed to blue-green algae

The dog, Fina.KNES5

  • A woman from Texas took her dog swimming in a river by her house earlier this month.
  • It's there that Tamra Massey believes her dog, Fina, ate toxic blue-green algae, she wrote on Facebook. She said that shortly thereafter her dog died.
  • According to KENS5, Massey said the whole incident took place in less than an hour.
  • Now, Massey is speaking out on social media to warn other dog owners about the dangers of blue-green algae.
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Another woman is sharing that her beloved dog died after being exposed to toxic blue-green algae.

On Thursday, Tamra Massey of Boerne, Texas, wrote on Facebook that her dog, Fina, a toy Australian Shepherd, died on July 31, after ingesting some of the algae. Massey wrote that she took her dog to swim in a river by her home. She said that the water "was not infested' with the algae, nor did it look stagnant … There were simply a few pieces of the algae floating around."See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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