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Apple finally updated the iPad Mini — here’s how much the new and old model cost

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iPad Mini 2019

  • Apple just released the iPad Mini 5, dispelling rumors that the pint-sized member of the iPad family was going to be discontinued.
  • Below, we break down the differences between the all-new iPad Mini 5 and the older iPad Mini 4.
  • We also answer the question: How much does an iPad Mini cost?
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Of all the Apple iPad tablets, the compact iPad Mini might be the most overlooked and under-appreciated. However, with its 7.9-inch screen, it's the best small tablet you can buy, so we're glad Apple decided to refresh the iPad Mini lineup with a new model.

If you're one of the Apple fans who loves its littlest tablet, or if you're just scoping out iPad prices and the Mini caught your eye, we've broken down the prices of the new iPad Mini 5 as well as the older Mini 4 so you can choose which one to buy.

We recommend you buy the newer iPad Mini 5, because the 4 and its processor are quite old now and the older version won't last you as long as the new one. If you want to save money and don't mind a bigger tablet, grab the 2018 iPad.

Read on to find out more about the different iPad Mini models you can buy and how much they cost.

iPad Mini 5 price: The best small iPad


At a glance, the new iPad Mini 5 looks almost exactly like its predecessor.

Under the hood, though, it sports a few improvements: It now supports the Apple Pencil, so you can use your tablet like a notepad to write and draw. It also boasts a new A12 Bionic chip, which delivers snappier performance than the Mini 4’s older A8 chipset.

The iPad Mini 5 is available with either Wi-Fi and cellular LTE connectivity or with Wi-Fi only. Whereas the Mini 4 is only available now with 128GB of storage, you’ve got a choice of either 64 or 256GB of internal storage with the Mini 5. This gives you a few more options at different price points.

Because it has improved hardware and was just released, the new Mini is naturally going to be more expensive the older Mini 4. Prices start at around $400 for the basic 64GB model.

This is the one you should buy.

iPad Mini 5 7.9-inch (Wi-Fi only)

  • Apple: $399 (64GB), $549 (256GB)
  • Amazon: $394 (64GB), $549 (256GB)
  • Walmart: $399 (64GB), $549 (256GB)
  • Best Buy: $400 (64GB), $550 (256GB)

iPad Mini 5 7.9-inch (Wi-Fi + cellular LTE)

  • Apple: $529 (64GB), $679 (256GB)
  • Amazon: $519 (64GB), $674 (256GB)
  • Walmart: $529 (64GB), $679 (256GB)
  • Best Buy: $530 (64GB), $680 (256GB)

*Prices may vary as iPads go on sale.

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iPad Mini 4 price: We don't recommend this older, discontinued model


New device releases mean price drops on the older models as retailers offload their old stock to make way for the new.

In this case, the iPad Mini 5’s surprise launch provides a good opportunity to snatch up a 4th-generation Mini at a discount, as Apple hardware doesn’t often go on sale and the Mini 4 is being officially discontinued.

The 7.9-inch iPad Mini 4 was released in 2015, so it’s very old with an out-dated processor that won't last as long. We don't recommend you buy it, but if you must consider it, here are the prices.

You cans still grab an iPad Mini with 128GB of storage for around $340 to $350 right now, which brings it a bit closer in price to the standard 2018 iPad. We think you should get the 2018 iPad if price is your main concern, because it has newer tech inside than this ancient Mini.

iPad Mini 4 7.9-inch (Wi-Fi only)

  • Amazon: $299 (128GB)
  • Walmart: $299 (128GB)
  • Best Buy: $380 (128GB)

iPad Mini 4 7.9-inch (Wi-Fi + cellular LTE)

  • Amazon: $528 (128GB)
  • Best Buy: $530 (128GB)

*Prices may vary as iPads go on sale.

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iPad 2018 price: A full-sized option for those on a budget

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

The full-sized 2018 iPad has a slimmed-down design, solid hardware, great Retina display, easy-to-use software, and a very reasonable price. It is simply the best iPad for most people.

The iPad is also surprisingly affordable for an Apple product, starting at $330. If you're lucky to catch it on sale, the iPad fairly frequently drops down to an even more attractive price of $250 or so. It's a much better buy than the old Mini 4.

iPad 9.7-inch (Wi-Fi only)

  • Amazon: $318 (32GB), $329 (128GB)
  • Apple: $329 (32GB), $429 (128GB)
  • Best Buy: $329.99 (32GB), $429.99 (128GB)

iPad 9.7-inch (Wi-Fi + cellular)

  • Amazon: $459 (32GB), $529 (128GB)
  • Apple: $459 (32GB), $559 (128GB)
  • Best Buy: $459.99 (32GB), $559.99 (128GB)

*Prices may vary as iPads go on sale.

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