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Bradley Cooper Hits The Club With Friends After Irina Shayk — New Pics

Bradley Cooper’s enjoying the single life after his split from Irina Shayk, if this pic of the bachelor hitting a club in Hollywood is any indication!

Bradley Cooper‘s back in action. The Guardians of the Galaxy actor, 44, was spotted hitting the clubs with his bros just five days after it was announced that he and longtime girlfriend Irina Shayk broke up. Irina skipped town and went on a Icelandic vacation solo, but Bradley stayed in Hollywood for his night on the town. A photo snapped of the seven-time Oscar nominee showed him giddily entering the famed Sunset Tower lounge club in Los Angeles with his buddies around 8:30pm PT on June 11. The group left about two hours later, according to TMZ. You can see the pic of Bradley on his night out below.

Meanwhile, Irina is taking some much-needed time to rest and relax post-split by traveling to beautiful Iceland. The Russian Victoria’s Secret model, 33, shared gorgeous pics from the island on Instagram, one showing her lounging amidst the green grass on its shores while wearing a cozy sweater. Another showed her wearing a cheeky swimsuit while exploring a waterfall. She’s making it clear that she’s living her best life, with or without her ex-boyfriend!

While they’re keeping their distance right now, Bradley and Irina will have to spend time together eventually. The new exes, who dated for four years, have a two-year-old daughter together, Lea Cooper. As a source close to them told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, they’re going to put on a “united front” and remain cordial for the sake of their little girl. “The split seems to be very friendly and there’s no bad blood between the two,” the source said. “They just want different things out of life. While it appears to be a mutual breakup, it seemed Irina wanted to end it more than Bradley, though Bradley knows it is what’s best.”

Bradley Cooper Clubbing

The source said we may even see pics of Bradley and Irina out and about together after these solo snaps. “Bradley and Irina have continued to spend so much time together for their daughter. They’re usually in the Brentwood area at the farmer’s market with their daughter. They like to take Lea for ice cream at Sweet Rose in the country mart and to music and gym classes.”

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