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Country Singer Lena Stone Has A Fix To Lack Of Female Radio Play: ‘You Like What You’re Exposed To’

Country singer/songwriter Lena Stone breaks down the reason why women are not getting played on country radio & what men can do to help.

Maren Morris, Carrie Underwood, Lauren Alaina and more country stars are constantly clapping back at media and radio who try to pit female artists and their music against each other, which happens to be quite often. The reason the women in country music have continued to raise their voices against this is because it’s become obvious in the last tens years that female country singers are struggling to get played on the radio. “What got me into country music was all these women, like Taylor Swift and Jennifer Nettles. I moved to Nashville, and didn’t notice so much my first couple years, but once Taylor was moving into pop, I realized she left this huge hole and there’s no one filling that space on radio — and it’s not for lack of talented women in Nashville, it’s what the institution is pushing forward,” explained Lena Stone, a singer/songwriter and co-founder of the Song Suffragettes, an all-female writers group in Nashville.

“The whole movement has gained traction, I’m so glad that more people are talking about it,” she said in an EXCLUSIVE interview with On April 26, 2019, Dr. Jada Watson of the University of Ottawa, in consultation with WOMAN Nashville, released a report called Gender Representation on Country Format Radio: A Study of Published Reports from 2000-2018. It found “women are not afforded the same opportunities as their male colleagues” in country music and shows a “significant decline for women, strongly pointing to the self-fulfilling nature of gender-based programming.”

Lena mimicked the sentiments of the report in our interview, explaining that people want to listen what they’re familiar with, and if women are not played, people won’t want to hear them. She offered a solution, however, to that problem. “I think it’s going to take male artists to stand up for female artists. There are a lot of male artists who are sticking up for female artists, but it needs to be everyone,” Lena declared. “Florida Georgia Line had a single called ‘Women,’ and the song says, ‘We can’t live without women.’ And then, for their headlining tour, they’re not bringing any women out on the road. If you can’t live without women, why are you not taking any women on the road with you?”

She continued, “It’s not that women don’t want to hear women. It’s not that men don’t want to hear women. You like what you’re exposed to, and when tours and radio are exposing you to only men, that’s what you like, because that’s what you hear.”

Lena, who is featured on the viral Song Suffragettes hit “Time’s Up,” just teased some of her own new music and is about to release her full CMA Fest schedule, as well as a fun fan party! Stay up to date with her newest releases on Spotify and her social media.

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