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Facebook’s new Watch Party video-streaming feature is wildly popular with pirates, who use it to run illicit movie marathons (FB)

facebook ceo mark zuckerbergAP Photo/Andrew Harnik

  • Facebook's new group-video-watching feature, Watch Party, is proving wildly popular with pirates. It's designed to let Facebook users watch a video on the platform all at the same time, letting them comment and react as it plays.
  • But Business Insider found that pirates were also using it to host movie marathons and binge-watch classic TV series on the social network, in an apparent circumvention of copyright law.
  • Everything from Oscar nominees like "Her" to reruns of Gordon Ramsay cooking shows and "Mean Girls" are being shared using the feature, we found.
  • It adds a social aspect to piracy, letting users chat, joke, and connect with one another as they improperly consume copyrighted content on Facebook.
  • After Business Insider reached out for comment, Facebook took down several of the Watch Party groups we looked into for this story.
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Facebook's new video-streaming feature, Watch Party, is a big hit, bringing together users from across the globe. There's just one problem: Some are using it in ways that Facebook didn't intend, and that are almost certainly illegal.

Launched to all users in November, Watch Party lets users "host" video-watching events with friends and others on the site, letting them watch simultaneously and comment or react in real time to what's on the screen.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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