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First ‘999 Day’ to honour emergency services

Image copyright NESM
Image caption The National Emergency Services Memorial charity event has the backing of Theresa May

Sunday will mark the first ever emergency services day to celebrate the contribution of staff across the UK.

Also known as “999 day”, the event in Manchester will begin at 09:00 BST – on the ninth hour of the ninth day of the ninth month.

A thanksgiving service was held in the city on Friday to honour those who have died in public service.

Theresa May said the nation was “indebted” to emergency staff for their “courage and sacrifice”.

The National Emergency Services Memorial charity (NESM), which is organising the event, is hoping to raise £2m to build a national cenotaph.

It will honour the 7,000-plus personnel who have died in the line of duty, as well as the more than one million staff currently working in the services.

  • New stress support for emergency services staff
  • App allows medics to view 999 patients
  • Emergency services face £114m rates bill

The prime minister, who has backed the memorial, said: “The men and women of our emergency services are there for us when we need them most.

“As a nation, we are indebted to them for their courage and their sacrifice and it is absolutely right that we should honour their incredible service in this very special way.”

The main event will take place in Heaton Park, Manchester.

The organisers want to promote volunteering in the emergency services, educate the public about using them responsibly, teach life-saving skills, and promote the work done on a daily basis.

Tom Scholes-Fogg, who founded NESM, said: “I am delighted that the charity and its aims have the support of our prime minister.

“The NESM, festival and 999 day are a great opportunity for us all to honour the men, women and service animals who have given so much in the name of public duty.”


US homeless fundraiser: GoFundMe campaign ‘based on a lie’

Image copyright GoFundMe
Image caption Kate McClure (left) and partner Mark D'Amico (not pictured) are accused of conspiring with homeless man Johnny Bobbitt to take advantage of donors' good will

The US protagonists in a viral fundraising campaign for a homeless man have been charged with theft by deception and conspiracy.

Kate McClure and Mark D'Amico raised more than $400,000 (£313,000) for homeless ex-marine Johnny Bobbitt.

But in August, Mr Bobbitt launched legal action against the couple, claiming he did not get his fair share.

Now, prosecutors in New Jersey say Mr Bobbitt was complicit in the alleged plot. All three face the same charges.

A lawyer for Mr D'Amico, 39 and Ms McClure, 28, declined to comment, according to US media.

What did the prosecutors say?

At Thursday's press conference, Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina said the story "that drove this fundraiser might seem too good to be true. Unfortunately, it was".

"The entire campaign was predicated on a lie," he added.

The prosecutors believe the campaign was concocted a month before it was launched.

The campaign text had said that Mr Bobbitt had used "his last $20" to help Ms McClure when her car broke down in 2017.

Mr Bobbitt remains in custody, and the couple were released pending a court date on 24 December.

The three face potential sentences of five to 10 years for the second-degree crimes.

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Instagram post by johnnys__journey: The @prestonandsteveshow was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life. They couldn’t of been more gracious and kind. I’ll be listening to their podcasts on the road! @this_is_mark @k8_the_gr8_____ Image Copyright johnnys__journey johnnys__journey Report

What was the original campaign?

Mr Bobbitt and the couple first came to prominence in November 2017 when Ms McClure launched a crowdfunding GoFundMe campaign, which, they said, was to re-pay the debt of a homeless man who came to her aid at the side of a road.

A photograph of Ms McClure and Mr Bobbitt, a veteran and drug addict who had lived on the streets for several years, standing on the side of the road, fronted the fundraising campaign.

More than 14,000 people donated, many inspired by the story's details, such as Mr Bobbitt instructing Ms McClure to lock her car doors before he returned with a can of petrol.

Officials said on Thursday they believe the photo was staged after the three met previously when Ms McClure and Mr D'Amico visited a casino near an underpass where Mr Bobbitt spent time.

Image copyright Burlington County Prosecutor's Office
Image caption Kate McClure, Mark D'Amico, Johnny Bobbitt

When did things go wrong?

The relationship between the three soured in August when Mr Bobbitt brought legal action against the couple, alleging they were using the funds as their personal "piggy bank" to fund an extravagant lifestyle.

  • US homeless man sues couple over $400,000 fundraiser money

After exceeding their original fundraising goal of $10,000, they bought clothing and a new camper van for Mr Bobbitt, but later reportedly asked him to remove it from outside their property.

Ms McClure and Mr D'Amico told their online supporters the money would go to two financial trusts for Mr Bobbitt, as well as a lawyer and a financial adviser to help him manage all the money.

"Every dollar he ever touched was used for drugs," Mr D'Amico told NBC in a nationally televised interview in August.

  • Life at an open-air drug camp in Philadelphia

Investigators claimed the three originally made up the story to make people feel bad and compel donors to contribute to a cause.

What happened to the money?

Net proceeds for Ms McClure and Mr D'Amico amounted to more than $367,000 (£287,000) and were spent on a car, holidays, high-end handbags and casino gambling, Mr Coffina said.

The prosecutor said that Mr Bobbitt received about $75,000 (£58,000).

In thousands of text messages read by police, the couple had discussed financial woes, inability to pay bills and debts, and Mr D'Amico said he hoped to raise more money by pursuing a book deal about the story.

Expressing sympathy for Mr Bobbitt's homelessness, the prosecutor nonetheless accused the veteran of being "fully complicit" in the campaign, promoting it in several media appearances and appearing in the original photograph.

Mr Bobbitt posted a similar story on Facebook in 2012 about helping a woman who had run out of petrol, officials say, but that "full responsibility" should be ascribed to all three.

In a statement to CNN, a spokesman for the crowdfunding site Go Fund Me confirmed donors who contributed to the campaign would receive a refund.

By Georgina Rannard, UGC & Social News

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Iggy Azalea Desperate For Danielle Bregoli To ‘Go Away’: Feud Makes Them Both Look ‘Ridiculous’

Cardi B’s FashionNova launch party was marred by Danielle Bregoli allegedly throwing a drink on Iggy Azalea in an attempt to start a fight. We’ve got details on how Iggy wishes that she’d just go away and stop embarrassing the both of them.

Random rap feud of the day goes to Iggy Azalea and Danielle Bregoli, the rebellious “Cash me outside” teen from Dr. Phil who has parlayed her fame into a rap career. The 15-year-old and the “Cream” rapper both scored invites to Cardi B’s new FashionNova line launch in LA on Nov. 14. Danielle — who goes by the rap name Bhad Babie — confronted Iggy and allegedly threw a drink on her in an attempt to start a brawl. Iggy wasn’t having it, refusing to engage the teen in a fight and she’s absolutely mortified by the whole incident.

“Iggy is embarrassed to have even been involved in the scene created by Danielle at Cardi’s party. Iggy thinks the entire incident is absolutely ridiculous and laughable. She would never come after a child like that and knows Danielle was just looking for clout by messing with her,” a source close to the 28-year-old tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Iggy shared the news in an Instagram story video where she had wet hair and revealed “Am I just going to have a half and half wig for the rest of the night?” She added the caption, “So the Dr. Phil girl is really upset about me apparently and thought I’d fight a child?! LOL Anyway! The fashion nova party is LIT!” Danielle ended up getting escorted out of the party by security and went on an Instagram tirade against Iggy from the parking lot. She later called Iggy “washed up as hell” in a statement.

“Iggy doesn’t want to be associated with Danielle and wishes she would just go away and stop coming for her on social media because it just makes both of them look ridiculous. Iggy is too busy with her own life and working on new music to mess with a little kid. She feels bad this happened during such an important night for Cardi and meant no disrespect whatsoever,” our insider continues.

A source close to Danielle is coming for Iggy just as hard as the teen is. An insider tells EXCLUSIVELY that “It is in Danielle’s best interest to distance herself from Iggy. We’re talking about an artist who hasn’t had a hit in several years, and was recently dropped by her record label.” Savage!

The source adds, “Bhad Bhabie has broken several music sales records this year and would prefer to focus on continuing her music success. With that being said, Bhabie is a very young and very real, and has a tendency to overreact when people make negative comments online and approach her in person with a totally different energy. We do not condone her actions, but also do not condone Iggy’s efforts to continually use Danielle’s name to get headlines.” Iggy called Danielle’s actions too “preschool” for her in a tweet and added “Imagine me scrambling around on the floor in a dirty night club trying to hit a teenage girl. Girl. NO. I’m grown and will simply have you REMOVED and continue enjoying myself.”

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Definition of kilogram set to change

Image copyright SPL
Image caption The master kilogram, sealed in a jar and stored in a safe in Paris, no longer weighs the same as this "exact" copy – which researchers say is "not scientifically acceptable"

Scientists are set to change the way the kilogramme is defined.

Currently, it is defined by the weight of a platinum-based ingot called "Le Grand K" which is locked away in a safe in Paris.

Researchers are expected to vote to get rid of it in favour of defining a kilogram in terms of an electric current.

The decision is to be made at the General Conference on Weights and Measures, in Paris.

But some scientists such as Purdey Williams at the National Physical Laboratory have mixed feelings about the change.

"I haven't been on this project for too long but I feel a weird attachment to the kilogram," he said.

"I think it is such an exciting thing and this is a really big moment. So I'm a little bit sad about (the change). But it is an important step forward and so the new system is going to work a lot better. So it is also a really exciting time. And I can't wait for it to happen."

Why kill off the kilogram?

Le Grand K has been at the forefront of the international system of measuring weights since 1889. There are also several close replicas.

But the master kilogram's days are numbered. Its weight has changed over the years because it has deteriorated. The kilogram, like the pope, is infallible, so other weights have to be adjusted accordingly.

In a world where accurate measurement is now critical in many areas, such as in drug development, nanotechnology and precision engineering, those responsible for maintaining the system plan to overturn Le Grand K's increasingly flawed rule.

How wrong is Le Grand K?

The fluctuation is about 50 parts in a billion, less than the weight of a single eyelash. But although it is tiny, the change can have important consequences. Coming in is an electrical measurement which Dr Stuart Davidson, head of mass spectrometry at NPL, says is more stable, more accurate and more egalitarian.

"We know from comparing the kilogram in Paris with all the copies of the kilogram that are all around the world that there are discrepancies between them and Le Grand K itself," he said.

"This is not acceptable from a scientific point of view. So even though Le Grand K is fit for purpose at the moment, it won't be in 100 years' time."

How does the new system work?

Electromagnets generate a force. Scrap yards use them on cranes to lift and move large metal objects, such as cars. The pull of the electromagnet, the force it exerts, is directly related to the amount of electrical current going through its coils. There is, therefore, a direct relationship between electricity and weight.

So, in principle, scientists can define a kilogram, or any other weight, in terms of the amount of electricity needed to counteract its force.

Here's the tricky part

There is a quantity that relates weight to electrical current, called Planck's constant – named after the German physicist Max Planck and denoted by the symbol h.

But h is an incredibly small number and, to measure it, the research scientist Dr Bryan Kibble built a super-accurate set of scales. The Kibble balance, as it has become known, has an electromagnet that pulls down on one side of the scales and a weight – say, a kilogram – on the other.

The electrical current going through the electromagnet is increased until the two sides are perfectly balanced.

By measuring the current running through the electromagnet to incredible precision, the researchers were able to calculate h to an accuracy of 0.000001%.

This breakthrough has paved the way for Le Grand K to be deposed by "Die Kleine h".

What are the advantages of the new system?

Every few decades, all the replica kilograms in the world have to be checked against Le Grand K. The new system, if it is adopted, will allow anyone with a Kibble balance to check their weights anytime and anywhere, according to NPL's Dr Ian Robinson.

"It feels really good to be at this point. I feel it is the right decision. Once we've done this it will be stable for the foreseeable future," he said.

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Flu vaccine delays for over-65s ‘resolved by weekend’

Image copyright Science Photo Library

GPs and patients frustrated by a shortage of the new flu vaccine for over-65s are being told the final delivery batch will arrive by Saturday.

NHS England said there would be enough vaccines for everyone to be protected ahead of winter.

But doctors' leaders said more guidance should have been given to GPs and patients to avoid disruption over the phased delivery of supplies.

Older adults are advised to get the flu jab by early December.

This gives time for protection before flu starts to circulate, normally later in the month.

However, the staggered delivery of supplies of the over-65s vaccine from the manufacturer Seqirus to GPs and pharmacies means some older patients have not been able to be vaccinated.

Cancelled appointments

In a survey of 650 GPs in Pulse, nearly 70% said there had been a shortage of this flu vaccine at their practice.

That meant they couldn't vaccinate as many elderly patients as they would have liked.

Some GPs said they had to cancel appointments while others said it had created staffing problems.

But a spokesperson for NHS England said that this week "100% of vaccines will have been delivered by the manufacturer to those surgeries and pharmacists who placed an order on time".

"So the public can be assured that there is sufficient supply of the vaccine in stock for everyone to get protected ahead of winter."

Image copyright Science Photo Library
Image caption The new vaccine is the best way of protecting older adults against flu strains

Dr Richard Vautrey, chairman of the GP committee at the British Medical Association (BMA), said it had not been an easy time for GPs.

"As practices begin planning for next year, NHS England must learn lessons from the disruption seen in the past weeks.

"Adequate notice and guidance to all practices must be given well in advance of the ordering period, to allow both practices and manufacturers to ensure there are no further supply problems for next year.

"Improving information for the public would also be beneficial," he said.

'Best defence against flu'

Public Health England said the adjuvanted flu vaccine, which is designed to help the immune systems of older people fight off flu, was worth having.

Dr Mary Ramsay, head of immunisations at PHE, said: "We encourage all older adults to get an appointment with their GP or pharmacist by early December before flu typically starts to circulate later in the month.

"However, it's always worth getting vaccinated even if it's later in winter – it's the best defence we have against an unpredictable virus."

The new flu vaccine is also available to over-65s in Wales and Northern Ireland.

In Scotland, it is only available to the over-75s.

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Hailey Baldwin Supports Justin Bieber’s Decision To Give Up Music: He ‘Deserves’ A Break

It’s hard to imagine Justin Bieber not dominating pop charts, but Hailey Baldwin’s not worried, HL has EXCLUSIVELY learned. Here’s why his wife thinks the break is much needed, and what exactly you can expect going forward.

Justin Bieber, 24, shocked the world when it learned that he’d take a break from topping music charts. His decision to forego music in favor of “a season of self-discovery” was first reported by People on Nov. 14, and we have even more details on what this major life change will entail…and how Hailey Baldwin’s coping. “Hailey completely supports Justin’s desire to take a break from music and is actually very happy about that decision,” a source close to Hailey EXCLUSIVELY reveals to HollywoodLife. And it wasn’t a decision made for the fun of it, as our source adds, “Hailey realizes Justin has been under a ton of pressure for most of his life and thinks it will be really good for him to slow down for a while. She sees how hard Justin has been working for years now and is relieved he recognizes when it’s time to pump the brakes.” Justin’s first single and hit, “One Time,” came out in 2009. Just shy of a decade later, Justin now wants to enjoy life with his new bride, whom he legally wed on Sept. 13.

“Hailey loves spending every moment with Justin and it would be a dream to have him travel the world with her while she’s working,” our source continues. The couple have already been traveling back-and-forth between the U.S., Europe and Canada since their secret nuptials, and we’ve often reported the many PDA pictures that surfaced from those work trips and getaways! But don’t expect Stephen Baldwin’s daughter to join her husband in his work hiatus. “Hailey thinks Justin deserves a break, but her career is taking off now more than ever, so she’s determined to keep working on her modeling career,” our source explains. Hailey’s resume is really popping right now, as she just promoted her new clothing line with PrettyLittleThing on Nov. 5, in addition to being a staple on major runways! With Hailey being the current breadwinner and Justin reaping the fruits of his past labors, “it’s the perfect arrangement for them right now and makes them both really happy,” our source says. A second source confirms what our first insider is telling us, also saying that the model is being “very supportive” of the break. But her attitude should come as no surprise, as “she’s a very relaxed and supportive friend and human being to begin with,” our other source explains. Hailey also doesn’t need to be too concerned, as our insider adds that “she knows he’ll get back into [music] again.” Yes, seriously! “But seeing as the relationship is still in the beginning stages, she’s into the fact that he’s not tied to a schedule and is focusing on his faith and himself,” our source explains to us. “When he’s ready to make new music, she’ll support him through that, too. She’s so happy and in love with him that as long as he’s happy, she is too. Religion, family and God is very important to both of them.” Hailey and Justin are frequent visitors of Hillsong Church, after all.

Justin Bieber enjoying his career break with his jet-setting wife, Hailey Baldwin, at LAX Airport.

And there’s yet another reason Hailey’s playing the supportive wife — she’s a boss lady, first of all. She has her own moola! “Justin has all the money in the world and Hailey isn’t doing to bad herself. She is working a lot and looking to make her own empire and she loves being the breadwinner right now in the relationship,” our third source close to Hailey EXCLUSIVELY tells us. Amen to reversing gender norms! “She loves doing her part since she never wants things with Justin to fall apart because there would be any stress on finances,” our source explains. “It’s not about his money or his career, its about the person he is and she loves that person with all her heart. They both work hard and she loves being in a relationship where both are talented enough to make a living and support each other. It adds to their dynamic.”

But don’t expect to hear total silence on the airwaves from Bieber. Even though “a new album and a tour is not at all near” as such projects are not being “talked about or even being really romanticized” in the pop star’s mind, we may still hear his heavenly voice, as our fifth source, who’s close to Justin, tells us. “He might do some tracks with someone like DJ Khaled,” but still, “a full album and a full focus on music is not anything he is really interested in.” We’ll make do with the five albums Justin has blessed us with in the meantime.

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