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Gia Giudice, 18, Really Missed Her Dad Joe At Her HS Graduation As Teresa ‘Held It Together’

‘RHONJ’ star Gia Giudice, 18, graduated from high school this week, and while she was ‘excited’ to close this chapter in her life, she was also ‘wishing her dad was by her side’.

Gia [Giudice] was anxious and excited to graduate and like any teen, she was happy to be done with high school! She was emotional for both per prom and graduation ,as most teens are. and obviously wishing her dad was by her side to share these moments with her. Once again, this is a home of some strong Italians and Teresa definitely holds down the fort to make sure her girls are happy,” Priscilla DiStasio, the Giudice family’s make-up artist tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

As we told you, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Gia Giudice, 18, graduated from high school on June 20, and she looked gorgeous during the ceremony. And while she was surrounded by family members like her mom, Teresa Giudice, and aunt, Melissa Gorga, one person was notably missing — Gia’s dad, Joe Giudice. But that’s because he’s currently in ICE custody, while fighting a deportation order to his native Italy. Sadly, this is something that Teresa feared would happen.

“If [Joe] gets deported, he’ll never be able to go to [his daughters’] graduation, celebrate their birthdays – anything,” the mom of four told Bravo Insider, as seen in a clip that surfaced on June 19. “The girls adore their father and no child should have to go through what my daughters are going through. They should have their daddy here.”

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While at the graduation ceremony, “Teresa held it together as she always does,” Priscilla told HollywoodLife. “Although, I didn’t attend the actual ceremony where I know she probably had some happy tears falling. Teresa is very proud of her daughters, as Gabriella also graduated the day prior. I feel like Teresa has the same reaction most parents do. It’s a quick shock for a second saying to yourself, ‘Wow that’s my baby, growing up!’ I know she said to me, ‘I can’t believe it’, and she is beyond proud of her daughters, I know that for sure! She always talks about how they amaze her and we laugh at just watching them grow up! It’s very cute and I think with all they have going on, it helps make Teresa’s world go round, being as hands-on of a mom as she is.”

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