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Gwen Stefani Photoshops A Blake Shelton Throwback Pic That Makes You Wish They Grew Up Together

They grew up in different parts of the country and she’s seven years older than he is. But Gwen Stefani just showed us what she and Blake Shelton would have looked like as a teenage couple.

He’s a little bit country and she’s a little bit (ska) and rock and roll. She grew up in Orange County, California and he’s an Oklahoma boy and, with seven years between them, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton would never have been a teenage couple. That doesn’t mean the 49-year-old No Doubt singer can’t imagine what they would have looked like if they’d dated way back when, long before they were famous.

On March 21 the mom-of-three shared an obviously Photoshopped photo on Instagram of a young, mullet-wearing Blake posing with her as a teen. The future country star, now 42, looks like he is hugging her in the pic, in which she wears a red dress and white gloves. In her caption section Gwen added a heart next to Blake’s Instagram handle. Meanwhile, the “I’ll Name the Dogs” singer made the image his Instagram and Twitter profile pics. SEE THE CUTE PHOTOSHOPPED PIC OF BLAKE AND GWEN HERE.

Gwen’s fans loved the photo of the couple who have been dating since 2015 when they both worked on NBC’s The Voice together. “Total thought this was real for a second!!!” one fan wrote. “Ohh [sic] my God this is toooooooo cute!!!” another person added. Some fans were fooled though. “What an amazing picture,” one person wrote. “Who knew you would find each other years later.” “Shut up! Is this 4 real?” another fan wrote.

Obviously, the photo is not real for all the reasons that we mentioned above, but the question of whether or not they would have dated as teens has been posed before. Ellen DeGeneres asked Gwen that very question in December 2017 when the singer appeared on her show. “Do you think, like years ago, if you would have met him that y’all would have gotten together?” Ellen asked, as a photo of a chubby faced, pubescent Blake appeared on the screen. After a school photo of Gwen at a similar age popped up behind them, Gwen said, “I think it actually does workout good… It is perfection.” The singer quickly laughed though when Ellen asked, “You’d get all up in that?”

In real life Blake and Gwen didn’t start dating until his marriage to country singer Miranda Lambert and hers to rocker Gavin Rossdale broke down. It’s been a non-stop public love fest between the two ever since.

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