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I tried $600 customized smart glasses for a week

  • I tried $600 smart glasses called Focals made by the Canadian startup North.
  • Focals are meant for everyday use to make you less reliant on pulling out your phone for notifications, directions, and even calling an Uber.
  • Watch the video above to watch me try on Focals and give my review all the features on these smart glasses.
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Following is a transcript of the video.

Alex Appolonia: These glasses will cost you $600. They're actually smart glasses called Foc als made by the Canadian startup North. Focals are meant for everyday use, and their main purpose: to make you rely less on having to pull out your phone. But these provide you notifications and other information right in front of your face, just like smartphones, but faster and arguably more convenient. But is it really as good as it seems? I wanted to see if smart glasses really will replace a smartphone or if it's just all hype. Watch out New York, Alex has a pair of smart glasses. So how do they work? There is a holographic display on the right lens that shows notifications and information directly from your phone. This is all controlled by a small ring called the Loop, which allows you to navigate and interact with your display all via Bluetooth.

Adam Ketcheson: The idea was, what can we create that can be part of your everyday life and seamlessly fit it into your life and give you all of those benefits of being connected to the world. Alex: From the home screen alone, I could check the time, weather, messages, calendar notifications, locations, and even my battery life. Pretty much everything I could check on my phone, well, maybe not everything, just the things I wanna know right away. It even has Alexa integrated into the glasses, so you can ask Alexa questions through the built-in mic and speaker. Foc als can even let you call an Uber. You better believe we tried all these features along the way. First stop: getting fitted. At North's showroom in Brooklyn, they custom-fitted me and even gave me a quick demo of what I would experience when wearing them. A pretty unique sizing process, measuring my head size, width between my eyes, and other measurements to make sure the hologram would perfectly align with my eyes. The crazy part is they are just made for me, so no one could see the hologram display while wearing my glasses.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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