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Investigation on the loss of military equipment in Leros

Greek authorities have been alerted, as heavy armament has been reported missing from a Naval Station depot on the island of Leros was reported. Since early this morning, an anti-terrorist unit has been hurried to the island alongside experts from the Hellenic Police Forensic Service, in order to participate in the investigation carried out by the Military Authorities in-charge.

At the same time, a Preliminary Investigation has been ordered so that the circumstances and causes under which the incident took place are looked into. According to the General Staff of the Navy, on the afternoon of Monday, September 9, 2019, during a search, armament from the Naval Technical Installation Service of Leros was reported missing.

It might be a case of error

According to police sources, grenades, anti-tank guns and other weapons appear to have been lost. It is noted that the warehouse was sealed and there are no signs of a burglary, which raises serious questions, while the possibility of the armament having been removed not Monday, but earlier is examined. So far, the error scenario has not been ruled out and for this reason analytical counting is carried out, so that safer conclusions can be drawn. /ibna

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