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Iran just took its boldest action yet against the nuclear deal to ‘blackmail’ US allies and isolate Trump

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  • Iran took its boldest step yet in violation of the landmark Iran nuclear deal on Monday when it announced it will begin increasing its uranium stockpile.
  • Experts say the move is designed to respond to the US's "maximum pressure" campaign with "maximum blackmail."
  • Iran's announcement could also deepen divisions between the US and key European allies, and one Republican congressional aide told INSIDER lawmakers are increasingly concerned US allies will "leave us out in the cold."
  • "Iran is becoming more provocative, not less," said Ned Price, the former senior director of the National Security Council under former president Barack Obama. "America, not Iran, is the isolated party, and the path we're on only ends in conflict."
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Iran sent shockwaves through the global community when it announced on Monday that it will begin building its uranium stockpile and ramping up enrichment of low-grade uranium in violation of the 2015 nuclear deal.

Iran's uranium enrichment could now reach up to 20% (weapons-grade uranium is usually 90% enriched) in the near future, with its stockpile exceeding the 300-kilogram limit agreed to under the deal. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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