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Kailyn Lowry Says She Nearly Skipped ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion: I’m ‘Truly Scared’ Of David Eason

‘Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry is sharing behind-the-scenes drama from the show’s upcoming reunion, and according to her, it seems like the season-ending special almost didn’t happen.

Kailyn Lowry, 27, nearly skipped this season’s Teen Mom 2 reunion because she was “truly scared” of running into Jenelle Evans‘ husband, David Eason. Even though Jenelle’s since been fired, she was still very much a part of the show when the cast filmed the season-ending special just a few weeks ago. And yes, David was fired from the show in Feb. 2018, but since then, he’s made several threats to producers about interrupting production, so Kailyn had good reason to be worried. Especially after all the worrisome things David’s done since being let go from the show: allegedly murdering Jenelle’s dog, showing off his collection of guns, reportedly threatening anyone that trespasses on his property and more.

So in her latest podcast episode of Coffee Convos with co-host Lindsie Chrisley, Kailyn opened up about how difficult it was to film the most recent Teen Mom 2 special. “I wasn’t going to go to the reunion and I want to be able to just clarify everything from my own mouth and not twisted words. I didn’t want to go because one, every single year they are a cluster f***,” she shared. “I didn’t want to be in the same vicinity as David Eason specifically and Briana DeJesus and her family.”

Kailyn continued, “I’m not afraid of Briana and her family. I just don’t want to be around people like that. And for David, I’m truly scared for my safety. Period. Point blank. That’s what it is. So I made that very clear and they were trying to accommodate that.”

Kailyn explained that a few of the producers initially wanted some of the cast members to to Skype into the show from different cities while others would appear in New York City to talk with Dr. Drew Pinsky and Nessa. However, MTV ultimately decided to film the cast separately, along with a few special segments like one that Kailyn and Leah Messer taped together. But Kailyn also became upset after that because she claims that her kids were “completely cut out” of the segment.

“I know that it sounds like I’m whining and I’m bitching but when I’m sitting on my couch and I’m baited into conversations that I don’t want to have…You guys can’t even show that despite the fact that I have three baby dads and despite the fact that I do make s***ty decisions sometimes, my kids are happy, healthy and thriving and my kids interact with the crew just as much as everyone else’s kids so now I’m pissed,” she explained. “My feelings are hurt and I’m pissed because my kids are completely cut off.” Yikes.

New episodes of Teen Mom 2 air Mondays at 9 p.m. on MTV!

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