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Khloe Kardashian Wants ‘Full-Time’ Custody Of True Thompson: Why She Hasn’t Had Docs Done

Tristan Thompson is not fighting Khloe Kardashian on anything related to True Thompson, a source told HL EXCLUSIVELY.

Khloe Kardashian, 34, may want her ex Tristan Thompson, 28, to play a major role in their daughter True Thompson‘s life, but in the end, she wants to have “full-time” custody of their child. However, a source close to Khloe told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that she’s not anticipating any push-back from Tristan when it comes to getting what she wants. “Khloe is not expecting any custody issues or child support whatsoever with Tristan because he’s not fighting her on anything she’s doing with True as it is,” our source told us.

It’s because Tristan hasn’t fought her when it comes to parenting True that she hasn’t written up any documents or agreements about how she and her ex will divide their time with their baby. “Khloe hasn’t felt the need to draft anything up or make arrangements because Tristan isn’t really even asking to see True as it is, so she’s not at all concerned that he will fight for anything,” our source continued. “Khloe wants True full-time and sees Tristan putting up no fight. Both parents seem to know it really is what’s best for their daughter.”

Despite not seeing True since their split in Feb., Tristan attended his daughter’s first birthday party with his mom Andrea Thompson on Apr. 14, and she’s been urging Tristan to see his daughter more, something that Khloe wants as well. “Tristan has seen True no more than a few times this entire year and it’s so heartbreaking for those around him,” our source went on to say. “His mother Andrea has really pushed him to see his daughter more not just for Tristan, but for their entire family. If it weren’t for her, he probably wouldn’t have made it to True’s first birthday.”

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