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Photos show migrants being held in a makeshift facility under a bridge as Trump threatens to close the border entirely

Migrants are gathered inside the fence of a makeshift detention center in El Paso, Texas on Wed. March 27, 2019. Border Patrol in El Paso is saying that they are overwhelmed with unprecedented number of migrants at over 12,000 currently in custody. Kevin McAleenan, the commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection is calling the situation at the El Paso border a 'crisis' and asking for Congressional assistance. (Photo by Sergio Flores for The Washington Post via Getty Images)Sergio Flores for The Washington Post via Getty Images

  • US Customs and Border Protection have created a makeshift detention facility under a bridge to house the surge of migrants crossing the border into the United States from Mexico.
  • In the past week, President Donald Trump has threatened to close the border entirely.

A massive surge of undocumented immigrants have been entering the United States from Mexico, overwhelming law enforcement agencies attempting to stem the flow of border crossings.

As a result, US Customs and Border Protection have made a makeshift facility to house the detained migrants.

This comes in the wake of threats from President Donald Trump to close the US-Mexico border entirely.

The facility is underneath a bridge.

Mani Albrecht/U.S. Customs and Border Protection via Getty Images

The detention facility is underneath a bridge connecting the US and Mexico.

It is set up with chain link fences.

Christ Chavez/Getty Images

The migrants, including families and children, are kept in the detention facility by chain link fences.

There is razor-wire in some areas.

Christ Chavez/Getty Images

Concertina wire is used on the edges of the facility.

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