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‘RHOA’s Porsha Williams Is ‘Thriving’ As A New Mom: A Second Baby Could Happen ‘Sooner Than Later’

This may be Porsha Williams’ first go at motherhood, but she’s ‘really not struggling with anything.’ Her spin-off show even filmed a special moment of this parenting journey!

It’s been nearly a month since Porsha Williams, 37, welcomed her first child Pilar Jhena on March 21, and she has loved every second that has since passed. “Porsha is absolutely thriving as a new mom. She is telling everyone she is truly the happiest she’s ever been and is in an utter state of true bliss,” a source close to Porsha EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. We’ll even get a peek at the very beginnings of this motherhood journey, as our source reveals, “[Porsha] wrapped her spin-off recently and parts of her labor were filmed.” However, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star “wanted the delivery itself to be a private and family moment.”

The bliss we see on Porsha’s Instagram feed, which is now filled with adorable baby photos of little Pilar, isn’t just for show! “[Porsha’s] really not struggling with anything and the baby is a really good and easy baby,” our source continues. “Motherhood has come so naturally to Porsha and nobody would be shocked if she tried for a second baby sooner than later.” In the meantime, Porsha has a wedding to plan with her fiancée, Dennis McKinley, as they’re eyeing to tie the knot on New Year’s Eve 2019. And seeing Dennis in a new light — as the father to Pilar — is making her even more smitten with her future groom.

“Seeing Dennis cuddle and help and be so hands on with the baby makes her fall even harder for him,” our source continues, but Porsha doesn’t need too much help in the baby department. “Dennis is quite hands on, but Porsha likes doing everything herself. There’s nothing about this baby and being a mommy she doesn’t like, and you can see more and more of Porsha in her every day. She’s that happy and that much of a natural.”

Motherhood has not only brought out a happier side of Porsha, it has also matured her. “Everyone around Porsha has seen how much she’s grown up and matured. Motherhood has made her calmer and more relaxed. It’s totally changed her,” another source close to the reality television star had EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.

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