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Rihanna Has ‘Baby Fever’: How She Plans To Be A Single Mom If She Can’t Find The Right Man

Is ‘bad girl RiRi’ about to become the best mom ever? We’ve got the EXCLUSIVE on how Rihanna plans to have a family – whether Hassan Jameel or any other man is in the picture or not.

With Rihanna turning 31 this past Feb. 20, the “Wild Thoughts” singer is facing the facts – she’s no longer in her 20s anymore. She’s now turning her own thoughts towards the next chapter in her life – which, as a source EXCLUSIVELY tells, includes having kids. “Rihanna gets baby fever all the time,” an insider says, “but she is hesitant to start her family for a lot of reasons. She loves holding babies and playing with them and has always wanted to be a mom, but mostly bad timing and a busy schedule are standing in her way.” She used to think she had to be married to have kids and there was a time when she was young that she thought Chris [Brown] was going to be the father to her kids,” the source tells Chris has been out of the picture for years, and while she has a casual relationship with Hassan Jameel, 30, the source says that Rihanna “realizes that even if things don’t work out with Hassan, she can do it on her own if needed.”

“She knows that she is successful and strong enough to be a great single mom,” the source says. “Rihanna is looking forward to being a very hands-on mom too. She doesn’t even want to hire a nanny.” However, the insider notes that until she can “devote all her time to being a good parent,” don’t expect Rihanna to be sporting a baby bump. But, the source adds, “Since that she is getting older, she has even thought about freezing her eggs too. She can’t wait to be a mom.”

Rihanna jokes about that when speaking to Vogue in 2018. OK, so now that I’m 30, are there things I’m supposed to do?” she said when reflecting on crossing that age threshold. “Should I be worried? Should I be freezing my eggs? What do you do at 30?!” It seems that a year later, she no longer thinks that’s a joke.

So, when Rihanna decides she’s ready to give 100% of herself to being a mom, expect her to become a mom, whether or not a man is involved or not. Judging by the message Nick Cannon, 38, left on Rihanna’s Instagram, she’s not going to have a hard time finding men willing to be the father of her children. The Wild n’ Out host was flirting hard with the “Work” singer, who shared a shot of her wearing a shimmery gold outfit. “I never wanted to be a dress before this moment in life!” he said, implying he wanted nothing more than to be up against her body. So, when she’s looking for a baby daddy, will Nick try to be first in line?

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