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Sony announced what’s next for PlayStation with a Nintendo-style presentation called ‘State of Play’

Concrete Genie"Concrete Genie"

  • Sony released a 20 minute video presentation called "State of Play" yesterday, sharing details on 10 upcoming PlayStation 4 games.
  • The State of Play video mimics the style of the Nintendo Direct presentations that Nintendo has been using to announce games since 2011.
  • The upcoming games are split evenly between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR, showing that Sony is committed to virtual reality.

Sony showed off a full slate of upcoming PlayStation 4 games during a special video presentation on Monday called "State of Play." The 20-minute video mimics the style of the Nintendo Direct presentations that Nintendo has been using to announce games since 2011.

Sony Worldwide Studios Chairman Shawn Layden said the company would be committed to more frequent updates and communication during 2019. Sony cancelled its PlayStation Experience fan conference last year due to a lack of meaningful announcements and pulled out of the year's biggest video game expo for the first time since the PlayStation launched in 1999. State of Play will be an ongoing part of the Sony's strategy to keep in touch with fans.

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While only a few of the PlayStation 4 games featured in State of Play were debut announcements, the presentation showed off gameplay footage from 10 upcoming games. Half of those titles are designed for use with Sony's PlayStation VR headset, demonstrating Sony's commitment to developing virtual reality.

Here's everything Sony talked about during Monday's State of Play presentation:

"Concrete Genie" (PlayStation 4)

"Concrete Genie"

Sony debuted its upcoming action adventure game "Concrete Genie" last year, but State of Play offered a closer look at the game's story. A teenager named Ash is charged with restoring his abandoned hometown with a magic brush, but he'll have to escape bullies and battle monsters to bring color back to the town.

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"Marvel's Iron Man VR" (PlayStation VR)

"Marvel's Iron Man VR"

As the name suggests, "Marvel's Iron Man VR" is a virtual reality game that lets players control Tony Stark in his signature suit. Early gameplay shows players using Tony's repulsors to shoot down enemies while managing flight resources in midair.

"Days Gone" (PlayStation 4)

"Days Gone"

"Days Gone" is a zombie survival game. While it looks similar to "The Last of Us" on the surface, Sony has promised a larger open world narrative pitting players against zombies, hostile gangs and wild animals. Protagonist Deacon St. John will visit a variety of environments set in America's Pacific Northwest.

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