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There is growing buzz about a LeBron James trade, and the Sixers could be involved

LeBron James

  • The NBA world has begun speculating that LeBron James might not play out the rest of his four-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • The Lakers had a disappointing season this year, and with their front office in disarray, it looks as though the team will not be able to contend for a title as soon as they expected.
  • As things stand, it's possible that the best long-term move for the Lakers could be to trade James to a team looking to win now in exchange for pieces that could help Los Angeles build itself back into a powerhouse in the future.
  • According to one NBA insider, a deal with the Philadelphia 76ers that would move Ben Simmons to Los Angeles is potentially in play.
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LeBron James' first year with the Los Angeles Lakers did not go according to plan.

While James impressed through the opening stretch of the season, an injury left the LeBron-less Lakers to flounder through a treacherous Western Conference, and Los Angeles wound up missing the playoffs for the sixth straight year.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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