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Tiffany Haddish Shares Her Chicken With The Cast Of ‘Ain’t Too Proud’ At The Met Gala

Well, this was epic. Tiffany Haddish shared her fried chicken with the hungry men of ‘Ain’t Too Proud’ at the Met Gala and it was all captured on HL’s Instagram!

Beyoncé has hot sauce in her bag for that chicken, Tiffany! The funny lady whipped out the fried chicken she carried in her clutch at the Met Gala for the gentlemen of Broadway’s Ain’t Too Proud, and actor Jawan M. Jackson got it all on camera! During his Instagram takeover for HollywoodLife, Jawan, who plays Melvin Williams in the Tony-nominated show, captured the aftermath of his castmate Jeremy Pope chowing down on a fried drumstick from Tiffany. “Ya’ll, Tiffany Haddish gave us a chicken wing,” Jawan said to the camera as Jeremy munched on the food. “Thank you! ‘Cause we hungry!” Jeremy popped in, “Thank you Tiffany, because I’m about to die!”

Then, Jawan went to find the Girls Trip star for the HollywoodLife fans, but instead found himself walking into the Met, where, luckily, they were fed dinner! Jawan and the fellow Temps in Ain’t Too Proud were dressed to the nines by Thom Browne for the big night. In the HL IG story, the actor also showed off his friend Billy Porter‘s incredible, Cleopatra-inspired look that was presented in a stunning entrance, during which the Pose star sat upon a throne carried by shirtless men. “We are here! We are taking over at the Met Gala, darling!” Billy said to the camera before opening up the wings of his jumpsuit by The Blonds. As Jawan went through the night, he shared video of his friend Jamal Story dancing on stage with Cher as she performed for the crowd, and the lit atmosphere of the Gucci after-party. As his night continued, Jawan captured video of Diggy Simmons getting jiggy with it at party #2, and even show us a BTS video of the Ain’t Too Proud cast practicing their step for the carpet!

“Finishing where we started… home. It’s been a great day,” Jawan said to close out his IG takeover. “Thank you, thank you, thank you for making such a memorable night that I won’t forget for the rest of my life!”

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