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Visa refusal rate for Kosovan citizens is high

EPIK Institute has published a study regarding migration of Kosovan citizens and asylum applications in EU member counties. The report says that during 2014-2018, a total of 413,569 Kosovo citizens applied for a Schengen visa. Ultimately, 281,826 of them received one.

In 2018, a total of 90,840 Kosovo citizens applied for a Schengen visa, of them 63,424 were approved. Visa refusal rate was 21.6%. In 2018, most visa applications were made for a visit to Germany with 32,529 applications, of which 25,058 were approved, Switzerland with 30,712 applications, of which 24,504 were approved, and Greece with 6,922 applications, of which 6,039 were approved.

In 2018, Kosovo was ranked 39th globally on visa refusal rate ranking for Schengen visa. Accordingly, Kosovo lagged behind Egypt, Guinea-Bissau, Burkina Faso or Palestine, who had scored lower visa refusal rate. /ibna/

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