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What happens now Parliament has rejected all alternatives to May’s Brexit deal?

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  • Parliament has rejected all alternatives to Theresa May's Brexit deal for a second time, setting up a third and final attempt by backbenchers to find a compromise that could take the UK out of the EU.
  • A plan to keep the UK in the EU's customs union was defeated by just 3 votes, winning significantly more support than May's current Brexit plan.
  • The prime minister is determined not to soften up her Brexit plan, but the alternative could be a long extension to Brexit.
  • Here's what could happen next.

LONDON — Members of parliament have rejected all softer alternatives to Theresa May's Brexit plan, meaning Britain remains in a state of political deadlock.

MPs voted narrowly to reject the options of retaining a permanent customs union with the EU, remaining in the EU single market, holding a second referendum and revoking Article 50.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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