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Why You Should Book With American Airline Vacations

Planning a vacation isn’t always the easiest task. You can envision the destinations you’d like to visit and can see yourself enjoying time there relaxing and doing excursions, but you aren't quite sure how to make it all happen. Traveling with friends or family can make the planning process even more difficult.

This is where using a tour operator such as American Airlines Vacations comes in. There are several benefits to planning your vacation with this company.


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Package Pricing

Booking a trip with American Airlines Vacations is a one-stop shop. The tour operator conveniently allows you to book your flight, hotel and transportation in the same place. You can even add on travel insurance to make sure your entire trip is covered.

Bundling the package together also allows for great pricing. Purchasing the flights from one place and a hotel from another can cause there to be additional charges making the price of the vacation increase. American Airlines Vacations has it all in one place for a price that can fit any budget.


Speaking of saving money, you’ll also find that American Airlines Vacations offers deals on various vacation packages. You can take advantage of destination deals and hotel specials. Everyone loves the chance to save a few dollars.

What’s more, you’ll earn AAdvantage award miles with each vacation you book and bonus miles when you book with featured hotels. It’s a win-win.

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PHOTO: AAV will take care of the hard parts allowing more time for you to look forward to the trip. (photo via YakobchukOlena /iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Customer Support

From start to finish, the representatives at American Airlines Vacations are available to assist. They are there to help with booking the package and making sure everything will be seamless for you and also for any pre-travel questions that may come up.

Unfortunately, unforeseen events do happen on occasion, but the representatives are available to take your calls 24/7. You’ll have peace of mind knowing someone is available to help at any time of day or night.

Sometimes a delay can cause an issue for your flight, hotel and other aspects of the vacation. However, instead of calling a different person for each piece of your itinerary, American Airlines Vacations can take care of it all in one place.

American Airline plane
PHOTO: American Airlines plane. (Photo via American Airlines)

Multiple Destinations

They also have you covered with plenty of destinations to choose from. Looking for a romantic retreat on an island in the Caribbean or maybe a group trip to Europe? How about a family getaway to a theme park? American Airlines Vacations covers all these destinations and many more.

All these reasons make planning a vacation with this company a no-brainer. You’ll save time and money and can focus on looking forward to how much fun you will have during vacation.

Contact your travel agent or visit the American Airlines Vacations website to learn more.

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