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Zaev-Mickoski negotiations end without agreement on Special Prosecution

The Presidents of SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE, Zoran Zaev and Hristijan Mickoski, have failed to agree on the Law on Public Prosecution and on the future status of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office. Talks between the leaders of the two largest parties began last night, ending with no epilogue during the early hours of the morning.

Sources from the SDSM (Social Democratic League) negotiating team have told several media that the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party has insisted that the law on Special Public Prosecution cases that were opened after June 30, 2017 be canceled. SDSM has also offered to form a new Prosecutor for high corruption, headed by a public prosecutor nominated by the opposition and backed by 61 MPs. The mandate of the Special Prosecutor, Katica Janeva, ends by September 15, which, through a letter, gave authorization to all cases of the Special Public Prosecutor to be transferred to the General Public Prosecutor’s Office. Agreement on the Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office and on the future status of the Special Prosecutor’s Office is also being sought by the international community, as the country expects to receive the date for EU membership talks in October./ibna

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